March 3, 2016

molly’s favorites

As they say in the song… “These are a few of my favorite things”!

When you are buying organizing products, the most important thing to remember is: go classic!! Organizing tools are a little like clothes… the best ones stay in style forever. Look for plain colors like grey and cream and avoid bright colors and polka dots. These things do not wear well and confuse the eye when looking at closet shelves.
The best organizing item of all time. Use it for every project from garage to playroom to closet.
Great boxes for closet storage.
Looks great in any kitchen drawer.
Great closets have matched hangers and these are wonderful for clothes and create space for a big wardrobe.
Every coat closet needs matched wooden hangers.
These shelves are strong and durable and they look clean and easy.
This is perfect for extra clothing storage.

Love this for organizing wrapping paper!!

I love these Ikea shelves. They are inexpensive but look awesome!!
These grey storage bags from The Container Store are great for organizing sheets.
Canvas boxes are perfect for storage.