Travel Tip

Preparing for a trip is incredibly stressful because there is always so much to do, especially if you have kids. There are certain things you need on every trip no matter what your destination. Whether you are a major jet-setter or the ‘weekend get-a-way’ sort, you always need toiletries.
I believe you should invest in travel size bottles of all your favorite/necessary products and medicines. Find a toiletries bag or dopp kit that you like and pack it up now, not when you are getting ready to travel. Keep the kit packed all the time and stored in your suitcase. Place a quart-sized plastic bag in the kit so that if you need to carry it on an airplane you are ready. Here is a link toSeatguru if you’d like to see more info on TSA travel rules.
One of the side benefits to this toiletries bag is that you will always have back up products if you run out. When we run out of shampoo or toothpaste and my kids are yelling, I go straight to my toiletries kit and emerge as SUPER MOM!!